Hi!  I’m Danita – that’s pronounced mostly like Anita, with a D, just like you’d expect! And that handsome man with me in the picture below is my husband Joe.

Danita & JoeI’ve been working at home for 27 years as a corporate email consultant, and have been pretty successful at that. Joe is an Electrical Engineer by education and trade, and has worked in the medical manufacturing industry, and he is a photographer, and designer of photography tools that allow him to get some pretty awesome shots.  We have a business selling on Amazon.com, and our business, being quite mobile, allows us to be just about anywhere in the world as long as we have an Internet connection!  My husband and I met online over 25 years ago. I ended up importing him to the US from Scotland, and we got married in 1995. So we are very much “online” people.

In 2013 my husband quit his job and has joined me full time in our home business, where we assist others in becoming successful working at home. We’re both really excited about our business “at home” together, and are looking forward to our future.

We have three children, two beautiful granddaughters, an African Grey parrot (he even has his own Facebook page here), and a “grand-puppy” Bernese Mountain Dog (who believe it or not has HIS own Facebook page as well).  In 2015 we sold our home in Colorado and now spend out time in Italy when we’re not visiting our children in Colorado and Washington State, and my Mother in Tennessee.

This blog is just a fun way for us to document this great new adventure living in Italy.  We hope you’ll enjoy it.